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eTribal Maharashtra e-Vikas Login of Scholarship Form Application Status

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Tribal Development Department has been mapping the colleges under the e-scholarship, but some courses should immediately submit the documentation to the authorities immediately contacted the mapping project has not korsababatace related colleges and college students to look after nahiasa mapping.

Related Project Officer to map the course Information Commission shall submit a prescribed form.

College Mapping Project Officer for the following required documents:

Sansthatargata (Parent body)
A copy of the registration certificate

College (College)
University recognized the letter.
Government and UGC recognized letter.

Courses (Course)
And specific university courses accredited / permission letter.
Business (Professsional) abhyasakramababata AICTE's consent letter (if applicable).
A copy of the letter to government approval.

The college is recognized by the office of the project and be able to see what college if the student does not seem to apply to college, making your approach to college.
This year has been a few changes in the post metrikottara sisyavrttiantargata.

This year, some changes have been posted metrikottara sisyavrttiantargata, tribal development department has taken all year College Master Data and Master courses University.
The colleges are already registered and colleges such as have need to return to the mapping College has received a grant system etribal.
All registered name and the new name of the old College mahavidyalayane need to log in to your list Mapping nondanipramane dropadauna University.
By mapping the documents sent to the project office will be recognized college college college office similar projects.
College students have been accepted office project that will apply the same college.
Only recognized by the university, will be eligible for the courses and college planning metrikottara scholarships to college and then to be able to pay the fee for all courses.

Colleges College / Course following the approval of the College homepage linkavarati milalelyanci list - a list of courses you can see by clicking on the Tab, links खालीलप्रमाणे.
If your system College / Course name (after college laugina) to the next process exists if:

  1. A copy of the registration and colleges college, university affiliation, and a copy of a copy of the university to allow the project to be submitted in the office (above).
  2. Send the documents on the Commission to verify that the project office and the office of the commissioner will verify the information.
  3. Commissioner college / course will be approved to accommodate.
  4. Office will be recognized when the Commissioner before college / courses will be included in the system.

Name of the Social welfare Dept.: Tribal Development Department Maharashtra 

Type of Scholarship: e vikas login of scholarship form application status 

About e-Vikas :-

If applicants want to fill online application form and the forgot the User ID (which they have registered in first time) or Password (for login in the website), than students have to contact their related collage (where they are studying or doing course) or Project Office. If you register again then it harm your previous application so we advice you do not ever try to register again. 
When you started registering in the web portal than you will get the current year and previous year SSC data in the website.

There are many schemes started by Tribal Development Department Maharashtra which you can check in the above given portal but there are some condition in which any people who have registered in the portal with USER ID and PASSWORD can apply for all scheme which is suitable for him using the same USER and PASS please do not make other profile if you tried it by multiple user ID than your application can be rejected or banned.

If you did this by mistake sometimes by internet fault or any other mistake than we advice you to contact your college institution or project office for this issue.

Now Tribal Development Department Maharashtra opens registration for Non SSC (CBSE/ICSE) students so the students who are not able to do this now non SSC students can also apply for this.

To approval of course fee the project office will get student details from collage side in this college have to enter the course detail in case there is any delay student can go through college admin. Also the user manual for collage administration is available in the website that how they have to fill these course fee details and other details online.

If candidate is getting admission in professional courses and he submitted e vikas application form than its mandatory to submit the caste validity certificate with the application form.

The submission of Statement-B report to the respective Project Officers is mandatory for all colleges.