Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Registration Application Tracking & Renewal National Scholarship Portal

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Through the National Scholarships Web Portal various number of services facilities starting from student application, application receipt, processing, sanction and disbursal of various scholarships to Students are facilitated. National Scholarships Portal is occupied as Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan.

Services given to Students:
=> Registration / Renewal
=> Application form submission
=> Tracking the status of application

Services given to Institutions:
~> Registration of courses and fee structures
~> Scrutiny of students applications and forwarding to the Block/District administration of the respective departments as per defined process flow

Work of State Government Departments:
*] Arrangement of schemes and work flow
*]Analysis of application forms of students
*]Registration of institutions & Scrutiny of Institutions data
*]Approval or rejection of any application(s)
*]Release of money to students and institutions

Work of Ministries/Departments of Government of India:
** Formation of schemes and work flow
** Fund releases and monitoring of expenditure (Integration with PFMS & State Treasuries/Banks )