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Application for Post Matric Scholarship 2015 for SC OEC & OBC Students Kerala e-grantz.kerala.gov.in

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Kerala SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe) post-matric scholarship for the SC Department of Development, ST, OBC and other eligible university or approved by the Board of Community students who practice a post-matric education.

Eligibility for Post Matric Scholarship e-grants Kerala

  1. University or post-matric education in the practice of the applicant must be approved by the Board
  2. Qualified candidate applying to be admitted under the reservation quota
  3. Post-matric scholarships to the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and OBCs other eligible communities socially, economically backward forward castes in other communities, including the National School Lunch Act
  4. Attendance of candidates may be less than 75% at the end of each month or session

Income Limit

SC and OEC:

There are not income limitations for Scheduled castes SC and OECs.


For +2 course Rs. One Lac (100000/-)
For Degree coursesRs. One Lac (100000/-)
For PG and Professional coursesRs. One Lac (100000/-)

Others :

For +2 course Rs. One Lac (100000/-)
For Degree coursesRs. One Lac (100000/-)
For PG and Professional coursesRs. One Lac (100000/-)

Type of Assistance for Post Matric Scholarship

Scheduled Caste (SC) and other eligible communities (OEC):

Post-matric scholarship for eligible candidates who choose to grant the entire amount of the monthly salary (day scholars) ABLC + Pocket Money (hostellers) without the income threshold for tuition fees, special fees and get a full refund of the test fee.

Other Backward Classes (OBC):

+1 And +2 monthly salary of the selected candidates will be awarded with the OBC. According to the income limit will be given a special fee and exam fee.

Degree courses:

Tuition fees, special fees and refund of the test fee is subject to income limits.
Master's and professional courses, the candidates will get a lump sum grant, => monthly salary, subject to a refund of tuition fees and the income limit for the examination fee.


11 and 12 exam fee for special fees and expenses, the income limit subject
Tuition fees, special fees and refund of the test fee income limit of the content of degree courses.
PG and professional courses:
Lumpsum candidates for the grant, a monthly stipend, tuition fees, special fees and refund of the test fee will depend on the income limit.
Once the account is approved and the agency fees for the academic year.
Charges paid once a year, and the mess granted LSG approved and forwarded directly to the students in a bank account.

How to Submit the Post Matric Scholarship Applications

  • The eligible candidates can submit their application for post matric scholarship online by themselves. The menu of Scholarship Application Online is given in the home page of e-grantz, ie. e-grantz.kerala.gov.in.
  • The candidates are also able to submit their application online through Akshaya e-centers in a different place of Kerala state. The Akshaya centers also gives a print out of online application.
  • The provided services by Akshaya Centres are free.
  • The students should submit the print out of online submitted application form along with the other certificates like Caste Certificate, Income Certificate and Mark Sheets of qualifying examinations etc. to the Head of Institution within one week of Admission. 
  • Students who go through consequent year of a course need not submit applications.

How to Check Application Status Online Kerala e-grantz.kerala.gov.in

The student can see the option “Application Status” given on the home page of e-grantz. Click the option

  1. You will be redirected to a new page, where you are required to enter some details like
  2. Selected District
  3. Select Institution
  4. SSLC Type
  5. SSLC Number
  6. SSLC Year
  7. Date of Birth and click on Search