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Renewal of PM Prime Minister's SSS Special Scholarship Scheme Jammu & Kashmir Aicte

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Students who receive scholarships from the previous year are eligible to choose from and the amount of the scholarship (Update www.aicte-jk-scholarship-gov.in/Registration) scholarship directly to the information that you have to register themselves in the portal AICTE ranking scholar of the Aadhaar number, which will only be transferred to the bank account DBT will pay for the direct benefit transfer scheme.

The amount of the scholarship to the institute where the student is admitted, the bank account was released.

Tuition Fee

  1. Upto Rs - the most common degree courses. Thirty thousand (30,000 / -) per year will be provided
  2. Upto Rs - engineering courses. One hundred twenty-five thousand (1,25,000 / -) per year will be given.
  3. Upto Rs - Bachelor of Dental Surgery clinical studies, including, of. Three lakh (300,000 / -) per year will be provided.
  4. In fact, according to the state to pay for tuition fees or fees for SFRA Regulatory Authority decided to be within the overall ceiling, whichever is less, and the guidelines are required by law.

Hostel fees and incidentals

The books and stationary - 15,000 / Rs, including the annual maximum refund - up to one lakh rupees hostel fees & incidentals will be given to beneficiaries (100,000 /).
Course fee, hostel fee, etc. 'reality', according to the students pay is subject to the acceptance of the output.

Books & stationery towards the payment of fees and expenses of the hostel of the college / institution will be given the certificate of production
Hostel fees / mess (dining), books and stationery to refund the charges and expenses of the guidelines within the overall ceiling, the college / institute of certification and based on fact.

For those who live in the hostel, but you pay rent to live in a private lodge and raised costs for those beneficiaries due to food and books / stationery and hostel accommodation only, and there is no limit to the rental company to get the certificate that the hostel fees for the institute / college, or are charged according to the guidelines of the overall ceiling, whichever is less.

Disbursement of Scholarship

In previous years students, scholarship renewal, he said, "Update aicte-jk-scholarship-gov.in/>Registration", and the records of all the details required to register with [img] should be required to upload. He was reviewing all the support documents must be uploaded to the Institute.

Registration for Renewal of PM's Special Scholarship Scheme 2015-16 J & K Click Me

Required Documents

Showing academic progress of the student's last semester / term of 2014-15 as a result of mark-sheet of the copy.

As a result, the university has been announced for when he is promoted to the next class or student tests were conducted and, in this regard a certificate issued by the Head of the Institution.

2015-16 academic year, the scholarship Receipts are required to claim any fee (tuition / hostel / other incidental charges) to upload.

No fees have been paid in the case of the head of the student may be given a certificate stating the same. Charge tuition fees in such cases on the basis of the Institute, DTE will be paid according to the fee structure and hostel fees.

The beneficiary is not living in the hostel, they must submit the following: -

Rental Reasonability the University / Institute Certificate Right

Paying for a rental agreement / rental income claims.

It is being claimed by the scholarship and must be duly attested by the Institute for the academic year of the signing of the purchase of books mentioning the names of the students in the name of the book is uploaded receipts.

Copy a two-page book is the first to pass the bank to have uploaded the following details

The account holder's name

The name and address of the bank

CBS IFSC code, address, d) Bank Account Number

Copy of the Aadhaar card (if available) Upload

Website : http://www.aicte-india.org/renewal.php