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Organization: Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
Scholarship Name: PMSS 2015-16-17 Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme
Apply for dependent Wards / widows of ex-military & X, the Indian Coast Guard personnel
Applicable to the States / UTs: India


Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme:

Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme was introduced in the 2006-07 season.

DESW the Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme 2014-15:

Ex-servicemen / ex Coast Guard personnel dependent on the ward and their widows and dependent Ward (officer rank below) for further technical and vocational education to encourage / Ex-servicemen / ex Coast Guard personnel widows due to the reasons for the wagon disabled / who died in military service / Coast Guard service, regardless of rank reason.

Scholarship students are entitled to:
(A) students have taken admission in 2015 are eligible to apply for PMSS 2015-16. The minimum educational qualification for students (MEQ) to 10 +2 / diploma / degree must be on at 60%.
(B) dependent Wards / due to military service / neutralize the service of the reasons is due to the former service & X Coast Guard / widows of those who died in harness for disabled staff, students, regardless of rank.
(C) Ex-servicemen / ex Coast Guard personnel and their widows (below officer rank) Dependent Ward.

How to apply for a scholarship:

The two applications were submitted in the course of no more than one candidate, a candidate to submit a single application for a course, both applications will be rejected. Forms Website Forward application will not be considered any form of downloading. Application on plain A4 sized paper is to be forwarded (typed or handwritten) in accordance with the prescribed form of the envelope "of the academic year 2015-16 Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme" inscription on it is complete in all respects.

Documents to be attached to the application form alongwith PMSS:

(A) Ex / Ex-Coast Guard Certificate (Annexure-1 of the application form) to copy the pattern.
(B) Photocopy of the matriculation certificate verification according to the acceptance date of birth.
(C) the minimum educational qualification certificate is self-applicable, acknowledged. (10 +2 mark sheet / degree (3-year mark sheets) / Diploma (mark sheets of all semesters).
(D) photocopy of a bank passbook 1st page / student leaf.showing the name of a canceled check and the A / C number.
(E) in the case of a self-attested by the following supporting documents and a copy of the PPO

Failure to attach the above mentioned documents / certificate will result in rejection of the application. All of the columns is to fill out the paperwork. Whitener correction / use will not be accepted.

Selection procedure:
Applications from small and MEQ percentage points (paragraph 7 below) Ex-servicemen / ex Coast Guard will be listed depending on the category.

Scholarship priority to:

Under the selection of candidates in order of preference are: -
Class 1 Wards / killed in action the best ESM / Ex-Coast Guard personnel widows.
Category 2 Wards / Best ESM / X Coast Guard personnel action is disabled and military / Coast Guard boarded the widows of service out of service due to disability.
Category 3 Wards / Army / Coast Guard Service, who died during the service due to reasons best ESM / Ex-Coast Guard personnel widows.
Class 4 Ward / Best ESM / Ex-Coast Guard personnel in military / Coast Guard service has been terminated from service due to disability, widows.
Category 5 Wards / receipt of bravery awards for Best ESM / Ex-Coast Guard personnel widows.
Category 6 Wards / Best ESM / Ex-Coast Guard personnel widows (PBOR only).

School of Education:

B Professional Degree Courses, B Tech, BDS, MBBS, B. Ed, BBA, BCA Post, B. Pharma, etc., according to the All India Council for Technical Education, the Medical Council of India, a government regulatory bodies are recognized by the UGC. (Master degree courses like MBA, MCA eligible for the exception of the PMSS). For details see the list of students eligible for the education. Students studying abroad are not eligible for this scheme. Students are not entitled to paid professional degree courses. PMSS is permitted under any distance education course. PMSS can get the same course.

For any question or assistance, please contact 011-26715250 or [email protected] candidate must have an e-mail