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PFMS Know Your Scholarship Payments Status : Public Financial Management System

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Organization: The project methodology Monitoring System [CPSMS]
Name of service: public finance management system PFMS know the status of your scholarship payments.

Know your payments:

Payment through Aadhaar number:
To learn the status of your payment details or enter the number of your base, and the Word Verification (Enter the characters shown in the image (characters are not case-sensitive) as well).

Know the status of your payment NSP Scholarships:

No payments by account number:
Or to learn the status of your payment details, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the first few characters of the name of the bank
Step 2: Enter the account number
Step 3: Enter the characters shown in the image as the words Verification- (Characters are not case-sensitive).

E-payment FAQ:

Q1: Can I have the beneficiary of a payment?
No, you can not just pay one time a beneficiary of the sample.

In Q2: in the case of system components and the agency's bank account for the purpose of making payments .......... I was the only one to fix the map does not show an error message?
So he / she can fix the mapping component to MYSCHEME> Manage> select a plan and the "agency account planning unit mapping" Contact the administrator of your organization.

Aadhaar-based payments to beneficiaries in Q3 was rejected by the bank, I can pay the beneficiaries account?
Aadhaar-based payment was rejected by the beneficiary in the case of the first priority is given to the Aadhaar-based payment, the payment is automatically available now on the only account beneficiary.

Q4: How CPSMS based on the Aadhaar-based payments to beneficiaries or the payment account that is going to learn?
Aadhaar-based payment are given first priority.

Q5: We are both beneficiaries to upload details of Aadhaar number and account number. Seeded accounts based on Aadhaar numbers that we still have to make payments to beneficiaries account. How to do this?
You cant, the Aadhaar number to enter the account number of the beneficiary.

Q6: I can not upload the center of the beneficiaries of the payment amount with the amount of the payment is showing on the screen to start. What is the reason?
Payment processing Search Screen "center" with the values ​​override the default rates recorded in each of the beneficiaries.

Q7 vehicles: we have to start paying the beneficiaries the option to upload the Excel use?
If you have a large number (more than 500) to pay the beneficiaries and the amount of payment default option for the majority of the beneficiaries of the beneficiaries and you can use dissimilar.

Q8: Where can I download an approved list of beneficiaries to pay for using Excel?
E-payment> payment information on file.

Q9: My purpose will not appear on the purpose of the payment. Add them to find?
If you cant, please contact [email protected] cell at the CPSMS Project

Where do I upload a payment file is renamed Q10 ,: get my typical agency code?
The first part of the agency or the agency administering the code, the transaction reference number is taken as the agency's profile.

Q11: I have an existing card, you can add more beneficiaries?
Beneficiaries can be added to the card submitted for approval.

Q12: Can I pay for the same beneficiary in the same period of time?
"There is a default, but you can manually Masters> beneficiary of the payment cycle management> to override the state can manage to pay for. You can enable / disable separately & is in the condition that the beneficiaries pay" to pay for using the frequency.

Q13: What is the frequency of payment?
The frequency of the payments made to beneficiaries, depending on the payment plan period.

Q14: Where can I check whether a payment is due to the beneficiary?
Use the check payment to be due to the frequency of payments to the beneficiary.

Q15: Co-operative Bank in my bank account if I can DBT business?
The bank is yes, provided Home> User Support> Bank Account Validation Time listed.

Q16: What are the guidelines for specifying the payment period? JSY payments for the period decided how to pay?
According to the guidelines of the payment period determined by the respective plan.

Q17: Can we pay for in the future?
You can pay on the end of the current month.

Q18: What is the plan for specific ID?
Unique Identifier System of External MCTS etc.

Q19: How to start a payment option that works :, "Take a beneficiary from the payment list 'mentioned in Step 2. What is this place?
If you have already paid for the list of "no card" to enter. The list was given to the beneficiaries in the current payment period of the previous payment of the same will be available.

Q20: In the Stage 2 criteria for the beneficiary to start paying for it, I can do the search field of Aadhaar numbers?
Yes, Comma Separated Aadhaar numbers to enter in the search field.

No payment through Aadhaar number:
No payments by account number: